Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. - Rumi

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Art of Love

“You've gotta dance
like there's nobody watching,
like you'll never be hurt,
like there's nobody listening,
And live
like it's heaven on earth.”
- souza

watercolor and pen on watercolor paper

Love is an emotional feeling that has been written about, sung about, painted, drawn, acted out in plays, movies, operas and many more genres to name.
Why are we pre-occupied by love? Why is love important?

Love is a feeling.  Love is an emotion.  Love is and can be a gift. Love is a noun, a verb, adjective, a phrase.
It has been said that love is all there is. I think Love is a beautiful way of being.  Love for one self and all that cross one’s path.
Love is powerful.  It is said love can move mountains.  It is said love is the deepest emotion next to hate. 
Sometimes love is reciprocated.  Sometimes it is not. 
Some of us receive it on a regular basis, some give love on a regular basis.  Some never receive love and don’t know how to give it.
I think about this very basic human emotion and need – rather requirement.
Love is a requirement for healthy living. In its broadest sense loving makes us feel good inside.  It triggers good feelings, good feelings help us flow through the challenges in our lives.
How do we get to love? How do we get to that place of contentment inside ourselves? Is it the same for everyone? 

watercolor on watercolor paper

Are there different levels of love? What do the Guru’s say? What do the Holy men and women say? How do you find it? How do you hold on to it when the going is tough?
I think the important concept about love is to never stop loving.
It keeps the body, mind and spirit open.

The Beatles sang “All You need is LOVE”. Dionne Warwick sang “This girl’s in LOVE with you”, Jennifer Lopez sang “LOVE don’t cost a thang”, Steve Winwood sang “Higher LOVE”, whose right? The list could go on…. There are that many songs with the word LOVE in it.
Is LOVE all you need?