Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. - Rumi

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty thirteen

collage on wood

What a year!!!!!
I started in a place with misgivings and uncertainty in certain areas of my life and have moved to another place filled with hope and possibilities!!

         I have embraced parts of myself that I let go off and had not tended to for a long time.
People that I care about have passed on to another existence leaving a beautiful memory, reminding me of who I am.
I stepped into a new beautiful new experience letting go of the gym and gymrats. I guess to embrace something NEW we have to let go of that which doesn’t serve us anymore.
         I found YOGA.  And I love it everyday.  And it is beginning to change me as I take the risk of connecting deeper with myself through movement and breath. I love going through a vinyasa or chaturanga, even if I am still not so strong in it.  I love rising up in warrior 2, I feel exultant and powerful.  Like I have climbed a mountain and through hard work got to the top.  I love camel’s pose and opening my heart. 

         I did some traveling for fun and visited a city I never thought in a million years that I would enjoy. NYC!!!! Yeah that’s crazy.  I loved being there, I saw 2 shows, and visited Chelsea and mid town.
It was so fabulous, to be somewhere just for fun.  I walked so much, I dressed like I did in college and loved being there. 
         I am dealing with my food issues.  I took a Giant leap and released myself from eating fruit everyday.  I realized I was strangling myself with sugar.  We will see what the blood work reveals when I get tested again. Still love roasted brussel sprouts and Persian cucumbers.

         I found out I am a strong woman, rooted to a core of strong values.One of being do no harm. Inside I often feel like a little girl who needs someone to protect her, but the reality is I always
WOMAN UP.   I handle my business and even better take responsibility for the actions I make in the world.

         Devotional love, I am still pondering what that means and connect it to unconditional love and higher love and love with no limits, boundaries, contracts, restraints or tethers.  I am accepting that kind of love and giving that kind of love.

         I still love little human beings.  My gosh, they make the difference in so much of life for me.  I have to remember to never let that go.  That unconditional devotional love I have for nurturing life.

         Which brings me to adults and their words.  I had some counsel that turned out to be incorrect time line wise.  It hurt like the dickens. I am learning that sometimes one has to let go of people and situations that aren’t healthy, that feels lonely. But my survival is more important than letting someone drag me down. And the flip side of that coin is there are people just waiting to connect with me on a deeper level.
         I am a strong woman, I keep on going, I don’t let the morass of indecency get me down too long. I want to translate that strength to my physical form, to my emotional form, to my spiritual form. I want to be strong enough to move my body through life.  Yoga helps me do that.  My mind focuses, my breath gets me through and my body participates.

My goals for 2014 –

Live, Love, Laugh, Be
Be in the moment, be in the now.

Live like I love my life and all of the people inhabiting it.