Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. - Rumi

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Morning or afternoon

I am a morning person, my eyes pop open when the sun comes up and more so than not, I spring out of bed ready to begin my day.
It doesn’t matter what is happening, what I am doing or going – I am mentally, spiritually and emotionally ready to do my day.
I have taken to getting up before the crack of dawn to do yoga.  I NEVER thought that I would be that person that would get up at five before work and do ANYTHING, let alone exercise.
I have to say it makes me really, really HAPPY.  Just knowing that I organized myself to get up and get myself and my stuff out the door to a place where I center myself before I begin my interactions with people.
I think it is making me LESS fearful.  I think it is making me feel EMPOWERED to do my life.
The flip side to this?  I can’t stay up late anymore!!!  I am in bed at EIGHT,
I have set out two sets of clothes, prepared lunch and breakfast and set an alarm.
The EUPHORIC feeling I have when I walk out of the studio and it is sunny and bright is PRICELESS.  I AM ALIVE – AND I KNOW IT!!
At work I feel connected to myself, calm and present. For me this translates to handling the stress of dealing with all of the personalities I interact with.
When I step out my door in the early, early pre-dawn light, I am moving with a purpose.  I LOVE that the traffic is moving!!! FAST, people on their way somewhere, NO traffic to sit in.
Ahhh, that something so simple makes me so happy. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

60,000 thoughts


That is how many thoughts we have a day.

That is now many random, past, present, future, negative, positive, weird, helpful, kind, not kind, meaningful, not meaningful, humorous, not humerous, fearful, not fearful, compassionate, not compassionate, loving, not loving, joyful, not joyful, peaceful, not peaceful thoughts travel the synapses and dendrites of our brain.
My favorite yoga teacher told me that.
A lot to wrap your mind around. 
Wow!! That many!!!!! Who did the study?
My resolve………to try and think at least 200 positive thoughts a day.  So that I am only thinking less negative thoughts than positive.
This is a good challenge as we navigate the terrain of living, period. 

People and situations give us pause to have to work on being positive a little bit more than not positive.