Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. - Rumi

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Goodness of Life….

collage hearts
mixed media

I was just re-reading a quote that I used in a previous blog and was struck by the words goodness of life.
When my son was a baby and I would cradle him in my arms loving him, I would describe him as all this goodness while kissing him.
Goodness.  We can never have enough goodness in our lives.
What does goodness mean to you? How does goodness make you feel? Is it inspiring? What does it smell like? Taste like?
When I look at young children I see goodness.  They are in the beginning of their lives. No one knows what good they will do in the world, what their contribution will be.  We don’t know how they will handle the challenges that will come their way.
For the moment they are just goodness.  Sweet innocence,
with a huge dose of humor, love and just enough back talk to make you smile (but keep a straight face in front of them).  We are shaping them (children) from the moment we all imprint, whether it is your new baby, step child, student in your classroom. If we focus on seeing the goodness, the love, and the desire to learn our hearts can be in the right place to support their growth and development.
Do grown ups have goodness? Can you be a grown up and still be goodness? I think you can. It’s a sweet thing.  When you care about someone you look to see the best there is to see in them.
The goodness of life is all around us.  All we have to do is look a little closer.

recycled heart
mixed media on canvas panel

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Universal Law

watercolor on watercolor paper

I have always been intrigued by the study of law, the power knowing it can have.  At one time in my life I pondered law school and then becoming a paralegal, thinking it a way to help people.  When I checked it all out, reading a preliminary intro to the study of law, the words were like gobble - dee goop to my brain. The words describing a/the law were like one long run on, nonsensical sentence and all of this to protect my rights or anyone’s rights…. Right. 
I believe law, knowing the law can have a positive effect when used to help those who need help, to fight for justice and correct injustice. 
We have a slippery system at best here in the U.S.A., a topic for another day.
There is another form of law that I know of, that I can practice. And feel good about.  Universal Law.  There are a few Universal Laws, but my favorite and most important law I call the law of do no harm.  In Chinese medicine this is the first rule.
Do no harm
Universal law is not complicated.  It clearly states what is.
Do no harm.  That can be translated to the fields of emotion, physical, and psychic wellbeing. 
Universal law is about treating other people as we want to be treated.  It is about mindfulness on a daily basis.  Not that we can always be so clear, we are each challenged because we live in villages (metaphorically speaking) and deal with alot of different people, in different levels of knowledge.
Universal Law is as you give so shall you receive.  My thoughts translate into actions so if I am giving good thoughts good thoughts are coming my way.  Some times shitty things happen though, (that’s keeping it real).
A challenge is always an opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity to find out how strong I am. 
Universal law is easy to practice:  Do No Harm, with words, actions and motions.  Do No Harm to yourself (be kind), to others (be kind), love and love returns to you. 

"You can search the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunset in Santa Monica...that beautiful time of day

I went to watch the sun set.  It was beautiful out at the Santa Monica bluffs.  It was weird because the sun set in the west and north up toward Malibu.  I expected the sun to be right in front of me centered in the ocean.  These are my favorite shots.  I didn't manipulate the camera too much.

Everyday, the sun rises and sets.  Everyday without fail we have the light, warmth and energy of the sun.  Just like the sun that rises creating a new beginning, we have that possibility everyday.
At the end of the day we can bring closure to the experiences we have had, reflect on what worked, what we will do the same or change when the sun rises again.

This is the Age of Aquarius.
It's the age to nurture, the age to
love, to heal, age to be,
age to flow out.   Yogi Bhajan