Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. - Rumi

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where is the Love and Beauty?

papers, acrylic on canvas

In this process of reconnecting with my blog and with myself and with the power of words...
I wonder what am I interested in right now?
In what do I see love and beauty?
I think without trying to sound or be egotistical – I see it in myself.

I see it in the way I am gracefully living my life.  I see it in the $1.00 Starbucks card I left at the coffee shop for the girl to surprise someone with a dollar off their order.

I see it in the way I am honoring myself and my contribution to this planet, I give my time, my caring, my being to those who cross my path.

What is it about where I am now in my life that is giving me the insights to know that the above things are valuable contributions to the world?
It is like the universe is in me and I am in the universe and the messages just come. 
Because I am LISTENING……  I am listening to what my intuition is telling me.

Right now, my eyes, my heart, my soul are focused on finding my life’s love.  And that has been an adventure in itself.  There were so many times I felt crushed and like I should just shut down, “Who was I to think I deserved to be loved?”   And something inside me would shout, “You are love, you deserve to be loved”.

And so I keep my heart open…..

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beginning Again -

wire, pearls, nails, on wood

Today is the 4th of July.  A day of patriotic celebration in the US of A.
Today is a day where I am free falling.  I am flowing with the cosmic energy that is my life here on this planet. 

 all I can do is flow and be present.

My father recently left this planet, he took his last breath on earth and is now moved on to his next existence.  My growing up years were challenging.  When I knew he had taken his last breath and that he was no more of this earth, something shifted in me.  I knew that time had just shifted.  I knew inside myself that the most important thing for me to do was honor him and the role he had in my life.  To honor his life form, him as a human being havng a human experience.  And for me, who is still living it satisfied a part of myself I didn’t know I had.  And then I felt free.  I felt like some weight, some heaviness in me had been lifted and no longer existed.

I haven’t written in a long time, work, situations, not feeling inspired, maybe I said all I had to say, work, challenges…..
But I feel like I am ready to begin again – putting out thoughts, words, feelings, ideas, inspiration.